Over the weekend of Saturday/Sunday Oct 15th/16th, we went into Tokyo to stay at the New Sanno Hotel for their “Beatles” night.

They had a cover-band called The Parrots who were doing nothing but covers of Beatles songs. I did not take any pictures or videos, but they were pretty good.

The food was definitely great, but the speakers on the right-side of the stage were pointed right in my ear and because everything is so quiet at home and I listen to things at some of the lowest volumes, my ears ended up hurting from it and I didn’t have as much fun as I might have if maybe I had taken a different seat away from the stage or at least pointed in a different direction.

I wished I had taken the camera out and gotten pictures and or videos, but 20/20 hindsight. Maybe next time.

On Sunday, after we headed back to Yokosuka to drop off the rented van we took so we could pile 6 of us in to get to Tokyo, they were having a parade and apparently opening up a small section of the base (away from the docks with ships where they might be worried about “classified information” leaking) to the public.

Again, no pictures or videos and I regret not trying to take some, but I was kinda in a funk and just didn’t feel like taking pictures or doing much other than sitting and watching. By the time we had gotten back the parade was basically over, and they were mostly just doing food and wandering until the time that they had to be off the base grounds (4PM).

They had a multitude of carts which were carrying the little houses that the respective shrines used to carry their Kami (God) away from the shrine and back.

All-in-all it was an okay weekend for me, but I was kinda worried that my “doom and gloom” attitude might have brought others down, and was glad to hear that it had not.