Today, Wednesday Oct 19th, I went out on a trek.

Started off in Zushi, went up the street to the OK Market, where they have a 4 story parking garage. Took pictures of Zushi from the top.

Then rode the train to Kamakura (next hop over from Zushi). Kamkura was, at one time, Japan’s capital (pre-1500’s), so it’s a pretty popular tourist destination and pretty bustling. It’s also one of the connecting points to get to Enoshima via the EnoDen (Enoshima-Dentetsu) line.

I finally made my way to the main shrine leading up from the main road, which is nearly as large and daunting as Asakusa was, in my opinion.

I also captured some pictures of Komachi Street, which is a road that runs parallel to the main road and has tons of little shops and restaurants and is pretty much a constant sea of humanity except after all the shops close toward evening/night.

Small side note, Japan is interesting in that most shops don’t open until late morning (10 or 11 AM), except for grocery stores, and konbini which are 24/7, and many close up around 6 or 7 PM except for bars and some restaurants. And on Wednesdays, a lot of them don’t open at all, or open only for a short time to get a day off in there so they can be open on Saturday.

Trains start service sometime around 6AM, I think, and stop service at 12AM (midnight).

Anyway, captured LOTS of pictures again here. To describe everything will take some time, so in the interest of keeping things brief I’ll probably come back through and add descriptions, where appropriate, at a later time.

The final stop on my trip was Enoshima.

It was a beautiful day, but flippin hot and humid. I sweat my arse off the whole way up.

I walked from the station to the island, walked up all the stairs (far more than there were at Nikko, I think) and then went up the Sea Candle which is a small tower that stands on the island. There’s also a garden just prior to the tower, which was quite nice, and offered a bit of respite from the heat.

My feet definitely felt it by the end of everything I’d done today, though.

It was also perfect timing because a storm was rolling in when I was headed back home. Didn’t start raining until after I came home, so all-in-all worked out very nicely.